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The Christian Science Church in Dorking (UK) is one of many worldwide branches of The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, USA.

Christian Science is a Bible-based teaching established by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 and

“...designed to commemorate the words and works of our Master, which should reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.”

Mrs Eddy sets out her discovery of the healing truths that Jesus taught and practised in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This book was first published in 1875 and has since sold over 9 million copies.

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Services and Meeting Times

1 Moores Rd
Sunday 11am (childcare available)
Sunday School 11am
Wednesday 8pm
Reading Room Hours
Mon 12-2
Wed 7:15-7:55
Sat 10-12
2nd and 4th Fri 12-2
Following government advice to avoid social contact and non-essential travel, we invite you to join our services online or by phone. To access, please click the Details box.


What’s our response to the Covid-19 outbreak?

Our first response, as we are sure it must be with all faiths, is to pray regularly and consistently for the welfare of all. We listen in prayer for the wisdom to respond appropriately whatever the circumstance may be. As individuals we are, like most folk, naturally staying alert to the needs of neighbours, maintaining contact by phone with those who can’t get out, making sure they have necessary supplies, and helping wherever we can.

At present, our congregation is complying with public concern, and following government advice to avoid social contact and non-essential travel, by suspending public church services. But of course deep prayer continues - and we post thoughts of encouragement in our Reading Room window for all to read. Please see Our Activities page to find full details of our online services.

The website, christianscience.com, provides a helpful source of ideas to uplift those feeling afraid and powerless. The website gives access to articles from Christian Science publications, sharing spiritual ideas that help to calm fear and panic.


Thought for the day

God is everywhere, and nothing apart from Him is present or has power.
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 473)

Inspirational daily lifts (audio)

Linda Fontaine
Posted: September 17
Chris Johnson
Posted: September 16


The Christian Science Bible Lesson

A daily resource for comfort, support and inspiration. The Lesson consists of Bible verses, paired with related passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

For week: September 13-19, 2021
Subject: Matter

Golden Text: Isaiah 52:2 (to !)
Stand up, shake the dust off yourself!

Teen Connect

TeenConnect offers an online space where teens can share, grow, and get answers to their questions.

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Christian Science Monitor News

The Monitor’s aim is to embrace the human family, shedding light with the conviction that understanding the world’s problems and possibilities moves us towards solutions.

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