Church Services - for everyone!

Sunday Services
Hymns, prayer and a Lesson Sermon read from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures provide spiritual inspiration and a healing atmosphere.

Wednesday Evening Meetings
These meetings are a midweek pause for prayer, for listening to readings from the Bible and Science and Health that speak to a current need in the community or world. There is also an opportunity to share (and listen to) testimonies of healings and experiences gained through prayer and the study of Christian Science.



Our local Reading Room - a study room and bookstore

Biblical and Christian Science literature is available for study or purchase at our Reading Room. Here you can study Bible Lessons, investigate Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and read Christian Science literature as well as borrow materials from our lending library. There are also thousands of documented healings available for your perusal. All are welcome, and our Reading Room attendants are always happy to answer your questions.

The sales area is well stocked with Bibles and reference books; Science and Health and other writings of Mary Baker Eddy; books and other materials for children; a variety of music and testimonial CDs and tapes; Christian Science magazines and pamphlets, as well as The Christian Science Monitor.


Sunday School and Nursery

If you’re a teen, are you confused and not sure how prayer can help at times like these? Why not join an online Sunday School session for anyone up to 20 years old? Things like this happened in Bible times too, and yet people found comfort through turning to God. We too can be comforted through considering the Bible’s timeless message. Just email our clerk and she’ll put you in touch with Francesca, our Sunday School coordinator for teens, who would love to chat with you and your friends.

For fun interactive Sunday School classes for younger children online, please also email the clerk.


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