Online Services

Due to the recent Government lockdown regulations the church are now holding all their Sunday Services (10:30am) and Wednesday Meetings (7:30pm) online via Zoom.

Click THIS LINK to join our Zoom Meetings. The Zoom Meeting ID is 869 3400 1754

The Reading Room will also remain closed for the time being.


Services and Meeting Times

The Kings Gap
CH47 1HG
Sunday 10:30am
Sunday School 10:30am
Wednesday 7:30pm

Reading Room

The Kings Gap
CH47 1HG
Opening Hours
Mon Thu 2-4
Tel: 0151 632 4535


Replay of Talk by Fujiko Signs, CSB


Sentinel Watch

Weekly podcast from the Christian Science Sentinel
On this week’s Sentinel Watch, we’re talking about God as the source of all action, and how understanding this fact propels forward movement in our thoughts, in our health, and even in the world.


Thought for the day

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:
John 6:63 (to :)

Inspirational daily lifts (audio)

Jutta Hudson
Posted: February 26
Cate Vincent
Posted: February 25
Trevor Snorek-Yates
Posted: February 24

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