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That's Classic
By Rose Ann Patterson
Worried about how you're going to pay for college? So was this author, until a psalm came to her rescue. Read...
This week's Sentinel
By Jordan Strong
All his life, this soccer player had been told to "man up" when he faced a problem. But when he was faced with pain during what was supposed to be his best season ever, he knew he needed a new approach. Read...
Your Healings
By Jordan Fredrickson
In Costa Rica for a class trip, she suddenly found herself unwell and missing out on activities she’d been looking forward to. Then prayer came to the rescue. Read...
By Callie Strelow
Self-conscious about her body, she began starving herself. But support from her Sunday School class helped her break the cycle of disordered eating and find a secure, spiritual sense of her identity. Read...

Lives Lived Videos

Meet Jerry. He suffered from pain from an injury earlier in his life. One day he decided to ask a Christian Science practitioner to treat it with prayer. Not only did the pain dissipate immediately, which was permanent, but as a side effect he was also healed of alcoholism.  

Meet Don. After praying with a Christian Science practitioner, distorted vision was restored to clarity. A turning point came one day when he felt a divine sense of peace and well being, and his clear sight returned.  

Meet Donna. She fully recovered from a severe car accident within two weeks, after being cared for in a Christian Science nursing facility and receiving Christian Science prayer. A physician later confirmed the healing.  

Meet Sunny. She was diagnosed with gallstones, but she was also starting to dig into the book Science and Health. She began to more deeply consider ideas she read about the spiritual nature of health. She was healed through this prayer, followed by medical test showing no sign of the gallstones.  


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