Teen Connection

By Brenda Evers
Do you want to be cool? Popular? Who wouldn’t, right? This author considers what real acceptance looks like and where it starts. (Hint: It’s all about seeing ourselves more the way God does.) Read...
Your Healings
By Kiki Holmes
Devastated by a break-up, this author couldn’t seem to shake the feelings of sadness and confusion. But things changed when she realized she didn’t have to hate her ex; she could still love! Read...

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Meet Don. After praying with a Christian Science practitioner, distorted vision was restored to clarity. A turning point came one day when he felt a divine sense of peace and well being, and his clear sight returned.  

Meet Donna. She fully recovered from a severe car accident within two weeks, after being cared for in a Christian Science nursing facility and receiving Christian Science prayer. A physician later confirmed the healing.  

Meet Heather. She was training for a ballet competition when she sprained her ankle. She decided to use prayer and work with a Christian Science practitioner. After that, she was able to finish preparing and compete without any problem.  

Meet Michelle. She found a lump in her breast and felt she needed healing right away, as several family members had dealt with breast cancer. She decided to treat the condition through Christian Science prayer. After six months, not only did she feel a greater sense of peace in her life, but the lump also dissolved. She’s been free from this condition for over 10 years.  


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