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Eye on the World

Whats in the news-and how might you pray about it?
Man’s relation to divine Love, God, is expressed in living the Golden Rule.

Thought for the day

Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands:
Psalms 66:1


Inspirational daily lifts (audio)

Michael Hamilton
Posted: August 16
Allison W. "Skip" Phinney
Posted: August 14
Sandy Sandberg
Posted: August 13

Lives Lived

Meet David. While paying squash, his opponent accidentally hit the ball into his eye. After taking a moment to pray, he was able to return to the game. No damage was found a few days later during an eye exam.  

Christian Science Monitor News

Italy bridge collapse serves as a cautionary tale on older bridges

Kosovo president wants to redraw border with Serbia to ease tensions



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