Time4Thinkers Bible Basics

The Story of Hannah

 [Duration: 4:50] Have you ever wanted something really, really badly? And prayed and prayed-without success? Here’s a story straight from the Bible tailor-made for you - the story of Hannah is found in First Samuel, chapter 1 in the Bible.

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 1 - Overview

 [Duration: 1:59] If you remember just one thing about the book of Matthew, remember this: Matthew is the teaching gospel. In fact, the author of Matthew didn’t just want to teach you about Jesus; he also wanted to highlight Jesus’ teachings. Even the structure of Matthew is perfect for teaching.

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 2 - Structure

 [Duration: 3:03] Matthew’s structure includes an introduction and conclusion, plus five parallel sections in the middle. How can you pick them out? Here’s a hint: Each one includes a narrative (featuring Jesus’ healings and other activities), followed by one of Jesus’ sermons.

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 3 - Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew

 [Duration: 2:12] Each gospel offers a slightly different take on Jesus. Here’s Matthew’s: Jesus is King. In this gospel you’ll find lots of references to the kingdom, as well as specific statements in Jesus’ teachings about the fact that he is the promised Messiah, who was born “King of the Jews.”

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 4 - Matthew’s themes

 [Duration: 2:56] In Matthew, Jesus’ teachings can be summed up using two key ideas, or themes. First, that the Kingdom of Heaven is here, and that it’s what we experience as we live the life of true Christians. And second, that love is central to true Christianity.

The Gospel of Matthew: Pt. 5 - Matthew and me

 [Duration: 2:06] Matthew is the teaching gospel-leaving us with lessons about the Kingdom of Heaven, and guiding us in how to love. But those aren’t the only lessons that Matthew offers: It’s also filled with teachings that gave shape to the early church, and that can elevate our present-day expression of church as well.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

 [Duration: 8:52] A fun, modern retelling of a constant favorite Bible story: When King Nebuchadnezzar proclaimed that everyone must worship a big golden image or face the consequences, three guys refused. Check out how their decision affected years of rule in the Kingdom of Babylon

Daniel and the Lion’s Den

 [Duration: 15:46] Office politics, deception, and triumph--this is the story of Daniel and the lions’ den. Watch as the Christian Science Board of Directors and some TMC Youth interns bring all the characters--and lessons--to life in this animated version of this well known Bible story.