Time4Thinkers Videos

Learning to be happy

 [Duration: 10:13] Susie Jostyn was someone who “had it all” in college, but she didn’t feel that way. In fact, she was so miserable inside that she contemplated suicide. In one very dark moment she reached out to God and what she heard changed everything. Susie’s got 6 things to think about for you to feel genuine happiness.

Don’t covet. Love it!

 [Duration: 1:55] Don’t covet. Easier said than done when everyone has a better life than you. Or is it? Laura Lapointe has some wise words to help break the coveting habit

True Beauty

 [Duration: 4:15] We live in a world that’s trying to convince us that beauty is skin deep. And who doesn’t sometimes get fooled? We asked filmmaker Andres de Paz to explore what beauty is really all about. What’s your take on beauty? How have you moved beyond the skin-deep focus in your life? What helps you feel good?

Discover prayer that works!

 [Duration: 14:31] Trying to figure out how to pray effectively? In this excerpt from his lecture, “Prayer that works,” Norm Bleichman shares an experience where he had to use an unusual, but very effective one-word prayer. Hear how you can choose prayer first in any situation and it works!

Plain talk about relationships and sexuality

 [Duration: 57:41] Christian Science lecturers Ginny Luedeman and Chet Manchester have prayed a lot about relationships over the years. They share some of their experiences and good healing ideas in this unscripted - and frank - talk that took place at College Summit 2012.

The game of life

 [Duration: 3:04] What does it take to succeed? Jesus rewrote the rules. This inspiring film short by Andres de Paz and Annelie Jenne invites us to stop and reassess what’s driving us.

Freedom at work

 [Duration: 11:46] In her early 20s, Traci Fenton had an epiphany about the power of democracy in the workplace and how it could transform people and businesses. From this inspiration grew WorldBlu, a global organization and movement, which is still expanding under Traci’s stewardship as Founder and CEO. In this interview ...

Promoting East/West peace and understanding

 [Duration: 13:50] Janessa Gans Wilder was liaising with top Iraqi leaders as a CIA analyst in the run up to the first elections in 2005, and witnessed first hand the clashes between Americans and Iraqis and the lack of cultural, religious, and historical understanding that pervaded both sides. Her prayers convinced her that ...

Think Differently

 [Duration: 2:30] Sometimes limits sneak into the way we think about our lives. How can God be present, how can prayer be helpful, what’s the point of hope? What if those ideas we’re flipped upside down and re-thought? I mean, completely re-thought. The effect is...spectacular.

Steeled for healing

 [Duration: 1:52] A sharp knife, a deep cut, lots of blood... Get a stitch? Or turn to God? Find out in this true story.