Lives Lived-a video series
Meet Rick
A growth appeared on his body, and so he decided to pray about it as he’s done throughout his life studying Christian Science. Within days it completely disappeared.     Click to view
Meet Sarah
After considering ideas from the book of Psalms in the Bible, a sense of depression and grief she’d been struggling with for months (after her mother had passed away) disappeared, and she was healed.     Click to view
Meet Freni
She’d been taking medication to address epilepsy, but later, after she had started reading a copy of Science and Health given to her sister, she was permanently healed of the disease.     Click to view
Meet Hilary
She was diagnosed with M.E. disease (chronic fatigue syndrome) and couldn't find a medical solution. She later accepted a Christian Science practitioner's offer to pray for her, and within months she recovered fully.     Click to view
Meet Dyan
When she was younger, she had a medically-diagnosed astigmatism and started wearing glasses. She also prayed about the vision problem and eventually there was no more defect.     Click to view
Meet Heather
She was quickly healed of depression when she started to recognize a different view of her own worth, that a Christian Scientist shared with her.     Click to view
Meet Romee
After being treated by a dentist for a tooth problem, the same symptoms returned the following day. At that point she started reading the book “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”, by Mary Baker Eddy. She felt God’s love, and the problem dissipated.     Click to view
Meet Emily
She had an eating disorder and called a Christian Science practitioner for help. Through the course of a year, not only was she healed of the eating disorder, but also she no longer needed to wear prescription glasses.     Click to view
Meet Brian
While dealing with symptoms of a throat infection, a spiritual insight led to a quick recovery. It happily surprised his boss to see him the day after he’d been for a visit to Brian’s home.     Click to view
Meet Nicki
She had an intense migraine one day and turned to God in prayer. Within moments, the discomfort completely went away.     Click to view
Meet Valerie
She started experiencing pain and her muscles became weak. In the past, she has used Christian Science to care for her health, and so she began working with a Christian Science practitioner to pray about this situation. Within months, she was able to make a full recovery and return to her everyday activities.     Click to view
Meet June
As a 10 year old, several medical specialists had diagnosed her with epilepsy, and thought she wouldn’t live for more than two years. But a Christian Scientist friend offered to bring her to Christian Science Sunday School classes. June loved it, and after a year, she was rechecked by a doctor, who found no evidence of epilepsy. That was 70 years ago.     Click to view
Meet Claire
She wasn’t satisfied with the idea of using glasses for the rest of her life to correct her vision, so she began to pray about this. Her vision improved, and she no longer needs her glasses.     Click to view
Meet Jerry
He suffered from pain from an injury earlier in his life. One day he decided to ask a Christian Science practitioner to treat it with prayer. Not only did the pain dissipate immediately, which was permanent, but as a side effect he was also healed of alcoholism.     Click to view
Meet Alison
She was initially diagnosed by a dentist as having a dead tooth and infection. Prior to the exam and during it, she was praying as she had learned in Christian Science. By the end, the diagnoses were reversed and the tooth was saved.     Click to view
Meet Judy
She’d made an appointment with a doctor to remove a growth from her eyelid. But she was also praying as she had learned through Christian Science. Before it came time for the surgery, the growth had completely disappeared.     Click to view
Meet Edwin
His physician prescribed a way to treat, but not cure, a muscular-skeletal condition he'd been diagnosed with. He met a Christian Science practitioner, and began to consider Christian Science as a viable way to treat the condition. This approach healed him.     Click to view
Meet Don
After praying with a Christian Science practitioner, distorted vision was restored to clarity. A turning point came one day when he felt a divine sense of peace and well being, and his clear sight returned.     Click to view
Meet Jane
Shortly after she turned to Christian Science prayer, a separated tendon in her finger healed. A physician had told her just before this that after six weeks of being in a splint, her finger wouldn’t heal and she would have the separation forever. Her whole hand is now fully functional.     Click to view
Meet David
While paying squash, his opponent accidentally hit the ball into his eye. After taking a moment to pray, he was able to return to the game. No damage was found a few days later during an eye exam.     Click to view
Meet Rosalind
She felt transformed after she experienced a healing through Christian Science of severe stomach pains and diarrhea.     Click to view
Meet Donna
She fully recovered from a severe car accident within two weeks, after being cared for in a Christian Science nursing facility and receiving Christian Science prayer. A physician later confirmed the healing.     Click to view
Meet Sunny
She was diagnosed with gallstones, but she was also starting to dig into the book Science and Health. She began to more deeply consider ideas she read about the spiritual nature of health. She was healed through this prayer, followed by medical test showing no sign of the gallstones.     Click to view
Meet Carolyn
After being put on medication and a regimen of blood tests to address a prognosis of blood clots and a DVT, she began to more deeply understand that a sense of divine Life upheld her. She gradually chose to rely on Christian Science treatment, and was completely healed shortly thereafter.     Click to view
Meet Heather
She was training for a ballet competition when she sprained her ankle. She decided to use prayer and work with a Christian Science practitioner. After that, she was able to finish preparing and compete without any problem.     Click to view
Meet Anne
She felt a painful lump in her breast and became afraid because her family had a history of breast cancer. Christian Science treatment through prayer, gave her a greater sense of God’s love for His creation. This eliminated the fear and she has been free of the symptoms for over 30 years.     Click to view
Meet Angie
She was healed of pneumonia through Christian Science prayer. A few months later a physician confirmed that there was no trace of the disease.     Click to view
Meet Danis
Within a few days of asking a Christian Science practitioner to pray with her, she was healed of chest pains. She’d caught a new view in thinking about herself in relation to God, which not only healed her condition but also helped her find comfort in other aspects of her life.     Click to view
Meet Rosemary
Within a day after being attacked by a dog, she was free of pain, and within another few days her wounds were totally healed -- the approach she chose for healing was prayer as taught in Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Michelle
She found a lump in her breast and felt she needed healing right away, as several family members had dealt with breast cancer. She decided to treat the condition through Christian Science prayer. After six months, not only did she feel a greater sense of peace in her life, but the lump also dissolved. She’s been free from this condition for over 10 years.     Click to view
Meet David
When he was 9-years-old, a doctor diagnosed him with scarlet fever, and unfortunately there was no medical solution. The doctor predicted that David would live only a few more days. His mother asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him, and within a few weeks David had fully recovered. The same physician pronounced him free of the disease.     Click to view
Meet Cathy Ann
She was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 15. With medical treatment, the cancer was in remission. Then 18 years later, she was diagnosed with cancer again and was healed through a spiritual means. Years later she received another diagnosis of cancer. This time she used Christian Science, which she said completely removed the fear of getting cancer. Ever since the Christian Science treatment, she has been healthy and active.     Click to view
Meet Francois
He had an underbite, and the orthodontist recommended braces. His parents then prayed in Christian Science about his teeth alignment, and when they went back to the orthodontist, braces were no longer necessary.     Click to view
Meet Luanne
She’d sought medical care to address severe hemorrhaging, but unfortunately she wasn’t cured. She then began to learn about Christian Science and had a few healings from it on other issues. One day the hemorrhaging started, and she asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for her. The condition stopped within a few hours and never returned.     Click to view
Meet Alex
A physician prescribed some antibiotics for a growth on his leg, which was inhibiting his ability to walk. But Alex felt that due to previous effective healings through Christian Science, he would try spiritual healing first. In a few days the growth disappeared and he was able to run for three hours in a sports event.     Click to view
Meet Phyllis
When she was six, she became paralyzed as the result of an accident. After five weeks in the hospital, doctors concluded that she’d never be able to walk again. Since the medical profession had no other options, she was released and went home. Her family phoned a Christian Science practitioner to pray for her. The next morning, the paralysis was gone and she could walk. Her case stunned doctors at annual school medical exams for several years.     Click to view
Meet Kate
Her whole outlook on life changed after she had a severe skateboarding accident. Following surgery to set several bones in her arm and ankle, she struggled with pain in a hospital. She decided to switch to a Christian Science nursing facility instead, and soon found pain relief by turning to God. Not only did her body mend more quickly than the doctor's predictions, but her relationships and attitude improved as well.     Click to view
Meet Yvette
She went through a complicated birthing process with her first child, which doctors attributed to her blood type. Years later she found herself pregnant again, and decided to call a Christian Science practitioner for prayer support. Not only did she give birth without incident, a specialist confirmed her blood type had actually changed.     Click to view
Meet Missy
Within 24 hours after her leg showed distressing symptoms from a wound, the symptoms disappeared and she was able to walk normally. She had prayed with ideas from Christian Science, and was thrilled with its quick and effective solution.     Click to view
Meet Jeremy
He was struggling with a parasitical illness that involved intensive medical treatment, which made him clinically depressed for many years. He then started studying Christian Science, and considered the idea “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” A few months later he asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him, and he was completely healed in three weeks. That was several decades ago.     Click to view
Meet Steve
A large mole appeared on his face, and fear grew when his brother shared a story about a similar condition someone else had diagnosed and removed. Before going to a doctor, Steve chose to consider what he had learned in Christian Science to pray about the situation. Within weeks, the mole had completely disappeared.     Click to view
Meet Richard
He was going through chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s disease, a form of cancer, for the second time in two years. He’d started reading Science and Health, and his thinking shifted. Later on, when his physician said he needed further aggressive treatment, Richard asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him. Within a short time, no further chemotherapy was needed. This happened 23 years ago.     Click to view
Meet Kaye
She was twice diagnosed with a kidney deformity and was told she’d never be able to have children. Soon after she started practicing Christian Science, she became pregnant, and her gynecologist found her free of the kidney condition. She had her first child, followed by two more.     Click to view
Meet Pierluca
When a wart developed on his face, a dermatologist said he’d need to get it removed surgically, and it would leave a scar. He chose instead to apply Christian Science treatment, and the wart was gone within a week. It didn’t leave a scar.     Click to view
Meet Carlos
After an active day at the beach playing sports, he felt pain in his foot that prevented him from walking normally. He chose to pray about the problem with ideas he learned in Christian Science, and he quickly gained full mobility.     Click to view
Meet Evelin
Her daughter had a stomach problem one evening. After praying in Christian Science, she felt better right away, and by the morning she woke up ready for a school day.     Click to view
Meet Franca
She discovered a lump in her breast and a lymph node, which she thought might be malignant based on her training as a medical nurse. She had been looking into Christian Science, and wanted to try that form of treatment. As a result, both conditions cleared up within a year.     Click to view
Meet Melvyn
His wife was seven months pregnant when she fell down the stairs and lost all feeling in her body. He quickly turned to a form of prayer he learned in Christian Science and all sensation returned in her body. Then they left promptly for the hospital, and both she and their unborn son checked out completely fine. Today their son is a healthy adult.     Click to view
Meet Flavia
She worked in a fresh pasta shop and one day mistakenly caught her hand in a pasta machine. Her colleagues took her to the hospital, and she prayed about the situation. By the time a doctor examined her hand, it only had a small bruise, as opposed to what her colleagues had seen just after the accident.     Click to view
Meet Georgia
Her toddler was on medication to alleviate food allergies and other physical problems, but the condition did not improve. She remembered some healing ideas she had learned in Christian Science Sunday School, and she applied them to this situation. Soon, the allergies and a rash from them permanently disappeared.     Click to view
Meet Arturo
He accidentally spilled boiling soup on his hand, but the pain dissolved permanently in a matter of minutes as a result of prayer. His skin was clear within the week.     Click to view
Meet Cynthia
At one point she became allergic to a lengthy list of basic foods, making it practically impossible to function normally. After she started reading Science and Health, the severe allergies fell away.     Click to view
Meet Caroline
A bench fell on her foot and she was unable to walk. She chose Christian Science treatment, and by the next day she was able to perform in an opera without a problem.     Click to view
Meet Joyce
She was flat on her back, in extreme pain. But through prayer, she was freed from pain and able to exercise later that day.     Click to view
Meet Steve
He had chest pains and difficulty breathing. He chose to have Christian Science treatment and the symptoms quickly dissipated.     Click to view
Meet Erika
She was hiking in a remote area and became partly paralyzed. She prayed for several hours and all sensation returned.     Click to view
Meet Myfanwy
Her son was born with a bump on his head, and her doctor could offer no solutions. She prayed and the bump quickly disappeared.     Click to view
Meet Marilynn
After a severe back and shoulder condition left her practically immobile, she turned to Christian Science and was quickly well.     Click to view
Meet John
He lost functionality in one of his eyes, but regained sight after praying in Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Scott
During a routine prenatal exam with his wife, the doctors discovered their baby had an erratic heartbeat. After praying as taught in Christian Science, the heartbeat normalized by the end of the exam.     Click to view
Meet Cindy
She had been taking prescription medication for severe allergies. After starting to study Christian Science again, the allergies left and have not returned.     Click to view
Meet Ali
She was training for the junior olympics as a ski racer, but crashed going down the hill. At first the prognosis was she’d never be able to race again, but the next day she was cleared for competition.     Click to view
Meet Tony
He used to have sinusitis and was prescribed antibiotics to address the symptoms. But he wasn't completely healed of the condition until he learned about Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Elizabeth and Enzo
Enzo collapsed suddenly from a brain clot. After a grim prognosis, he gained full functionality through Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Dilshad
She was diagnosed with brusied vocal cords, and was advised not to speak for three months. Christian Science healed her in half the prescribed time.     Click to view
Meet Marivic
She was searching for a cure for tuberculosis and she was healed after she found Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Jane
She had multiple sclerosis and her doctors had no cure. She was completely healed through Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Patrick
He was biking in a triathlon. After being hit by a car, he thought he may never race again. He was completely healed through Christian Science.     Click to view
Meet Philip
He was physically disabled and in no mood to hear about Christianity until he was suddenly healed.     Click to view
Meet Chris
He was hospitalized after a skiing accident. Due to Christian Science prayer, surgery wasn’t needed. He was completely healed.     Click to view
Meet Dave
While on a camping trip, he got a cold. Rather than just waiting it out, he turned to Christian Science and was quickly cured.     Click to view