Lives Lived-a video series
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His physician prescribed a way to treat, but not cure, a muscular-skeletal condition he'd been diagnosed with. He met a Christian Science practitioner, and began to consider Christian Science as a viable way to treat the condition. This approach healed him.     Click to view
She was healed of pneumonia through Christian Science prayer. A few months later a physician confirmed that there was no trace of the disease.     Click to view
Her whole outlook on life changed after she had a severe skateboarding accident. Following surgery to set several bones in her arm and ankle, she struggled with pain in a hospital. She decided to switch to a Christian Science nursing facility instead, and soon found pain relief by turning to God. Not only did her body mend more quickly than the doctor's predictions, but her relationships and attitude improved as well.     Click to view
He was struggling with a parasitical illness that involved intensive medical treatment, which made him clinically depressed for many years. He then started studying Christian Science, and considered the idea “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” A few months later he asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him, and he was completely healed in three weeks. That was several decades ago.     Click to view